In 1930, Dr. Edward Bach rediscovered an ancient form of energy healing using the vibratory rate of plants and flowers. Despite training in traditional medicine and then homeopathy, he had always believed that he would find a truly gentle and non-invasive way to help people heal and that this method would reflect his understanding that all things come first from the mind. He believed that attitudes and wrong thinking are the true cause of disease and that to affect a real cure; you have to correct the underlying attitude. The physical symptom is not the focus, but rather how the person feels about the symptom or about the rest of life.

To pursue his goal, he gave up a highly successful practice in London and walked the English countryside from Wales in the west, to Norfolk in the east where he settled for a while and found the flowers that became his 38 healing helpers.

With his extremely sensitive nature, Dr. Bach could affect an attitude and then locate the plant whose vibration would bring him back into harmony and connection with Divine Mind. He developed the sun method of transferring the plant vibration into water. This method consists of placing the plant material into a glass bowl filled with spring water and leaving it in the sun for a day. The plant material is then removed and the water preserved by adding a small amount of brandy. These tinctures could now be used in drops placed directly under the tongue or added to a glass of water or other liquid to be sipped from time to time.

Since the gentle power of the flower essences work only on the mind and emotions, they are totally safe to use, even with infants and pregnant women, and they do not interfere with any medications. The essences can be used on animals and plants, as well.

Because it is an energy medicine, the amount used is not the determining factor. It is rather the frequency of use that causes the shift. For example, 5 drops into a glass of water sipped occasionally and repeated several times a day is more effective than 20 drops taken at one time.

With a passing attitude or condition, even one dose may be sufficient to cause a cessation of mental, emotional and physical disharmony. This is extremely easy to see when someone having a panic attack takes Rescue Remedy. Within minutes, the symptoms subside. Where there are chronic attitudes and conditions, several drops are taken 4 or 5 times a day for however long it takes for the attitude shift to occur or for physical symptoms to ease or disappear. It may take days or even weeks, but shift will occur. Some remedies are called 'constitutional' because they address the kinds of thoughts and feelings that are deep personality traits and reoccur periodically. Such remedies can be determined by the astrological birth chart. Treatment would follow that for chronic conditions. Click here to order your Astrological Bach Flower Remedy Consultation. You will need to furnish your birth date, location (city, state, country,) and time of birth if possible. You will receive the list of flowers in your constitutional remedy and instructions for use by email.


Dr. Bach's own descriptions of the disharmony treated by each remedy can be found in the book, "The Bach Flower Remedies" by Edward Bach, MD and F J Wheeler, MD. Three practitioners who have published their own excellent descriptions and suggestions for the remedies are Mechthild Sheffer, Dietmar Kramer and Eric Love. Each month, Astral Essence will publish an article on one of the Bach Flowers, so build your understanding by visiting regularly. Click here to read about the Bach Flower of the Month.

In order to determine which remedy you want to use, you simply read the descriptions and give them a rating from 1 to 10, based on how they relate to your current experience, with 1 being very little and 10 being very strong. Choose only the remedies that you have given a 10, 9 or 8 rating. You can use up to 6 different remedies at the same time. If you come up with more than 6, read them over again to determine which 6 of these are the most important for you at this time.

Once you know your remedies and have obtained them, you can put a drop directly under your tongue or mix 10 drops of each remedy into an individual bottle of spring water which you can sip occasionally during the day. Refrigerate if you do not finish in one day or add a tsp of brandy or other food alcohol to preserve. If you have access to a one or two ounce brown glass dropper bottle, this can be filled with spring water and six drops of each remedy added.

If you are alcohol sensitive, add the remedies to boiling spring water so that the alcohol is burned off.

The remedies and books are found in most health food stores and the books are also available through new age bookstores, major bookstores and on the internet. It was Dr. Bach's desire that the remedies be completely affordable so that every person could have a set of remedies readily available for self treatment. There are Bach counselors who can choose the remedies for you, but if you are willing to be honest about your feelings and thoughts, you can easily choose the remedies for yourself. Empowering the individual through self treatment was Dr. Bach's wish, as he wrote that his great hope was that one day people would be so familiar with the remedies that taking them would be a natural response to a situation: i.e., when cold, put on a sweater; when thirsty, have a cup of tea, when frightened, take Mimulus.

There are other flower essences from different countries and they are also very effective. Some links to explore:


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